IGNITE! 2016 Day 2: Through the Lens

Sharan Devkar Shankar

IGNITE! 2016 Day 2:

NH7: Choreography -Deepak Kurki Sivaswamy | Dancers – Amaresh Kempanna, Deepak Kurki Sivaswamy

Rush Hour: Choreography – Manju Sharma | Dancers – Manju Sharma, Kunal Sood, Rajan Rathore


#INTERSECT @ IGNITE! 2016: The Frictions of Cross-Platform Collaborations

It is one thing to see a performance as a product and it is another thing to wait for it, to scratch through the process as the insider and the outsider. And the matter of being in and out is one of the most interesting factors when it comes to #INTERSECT this year at IGNITE!—not just for the performers themselves, but also for the whole Gati team and of course, the audience.


The inside-outside debate is there in every collaborative creative work—how much of it is mine, how much of it is yours, how do two artists approach the much anticipated crossroad? Like just a passerby, without really paying much attention to the other, or like finding a friend—sharing a snack and a tea, or like a competitor or even a bully, claiming the road and pushing the other one off to the pavement—outside?

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