A Delicious Masterclass

Sujata Goel’s masterclass was possibly the only moment in the festival so far that could be labeled as ‘good fun’, at the same time introducing the participants to serious choreographic ideas.


Seven participants played games based on tasks regarding contact and compositions, as she conducted the session. It was a delicious two hours at the middle of the festival cum conference hullaboo. Just clean, crunchy thoughts about the body and its creations. What were the recipes behind this deliciousness?

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The Unity Myth

Can a person become five at the same time? Can five become one? Dancer/Choreographer Daniel Kok presented Cheerleader of Europe at IGNITE! 2016 to question the myths around the concept of unity, integrity and their power politics.


Daniel’s questions are on the most apparent level directed at the European countries as to how they perceive unity. Dramaturgically, he breaks his performance into two major factions. One, when he is imitating a performative approach in order to establish statements, by largely using irony as a tool in his physical and facial expressions as well as his dialogues, which take up the form of either rap songs or slogans or army commands.


Two, when he delves into a more casual conversational mode — even personal narratives. In fact, a personal narrative is what he starts his performance with — already making a very debatable political statement with that.

The first approach is directly satirical in its implementation of stereotypes of gender and race — both physically and verbally.


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While @Gati…

IGNITE! 2016, based on the theme of Form, Identity and Dissent, is running. Anyone who has organized a festival of this dimension can vouch for how physically and mentally taxing this could be for the organizers! This week is a high-strung one at Oddbird Theater for the Gati Dance Forum team.


A battle is on between the vibes of the constant preparation, the fatigue that comes with it, and the cheerfulness which is inherent to the team.

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So some of them decide to take a breath of fresh air on this morning and visit their spiritual and professional home @Gati…

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…to vent it all out thorough spending a bit of time for themselves while also waiting for today’s first program–Vinaykumar‘s master class,…

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Claiming the Gendered Public Space

The program on October 10th, 2016 at IGNITE! held at Oddbird Theater was a lot about claiming the public space. For example it started with the film screening of the dance film SPEAR that spoke largely about Australian aboriginal men finding the meaning of their life on everyday urban streets.

The two short performances that followed the screening, spoke volumes about the same topic, in a very interesting way.



Let us view these two performances in the light of questions around the gendered performing body and the aesthetic associations that we make with it. The ongoing exhibition in the same venue with images from choreographer Chandralekha’s works in fact made these performances even more interesting to watch, with photos verging on eroticism portraying male dancers in close contact on one side, and photos depicting the Yoni with women dancers at provocative angles.

Keeping at par with Deluge, which was performed on the 9th at the same space by Rajan Rathore with Anpu Verkey’s film based on urban decay, Deepak Kurki Sivaswamy and Manju Sharma’s choreographies: NH7 and Rush Hour visited similar topics on streets and everyday life with their physical and visual representations, and highlighted their multiple hierarchies.



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Behind the Scenes at #INTERSECT

What goes into the making of an interdisciplinary work?

A day short of the #INTERSECT premiere, we shadowed the artists and their collaborators at work in the performance space. While Rajyashree and Susanta are at OddBird Theatre, the other two pairs, Rajan and Anpu, and Surjit and Kartik are in adjacent warehouses.

Our photographer Sidharth Sarcar waited patiently to watch these spaces transform from empty warehouses to habitable spaces of performance.