A Delicious Masterclass

Sujata Goel’s masterclass was possibly the only moment in the festival so far that could be labeled as ‘good fun’, at the same time introducing the participants to serious choreographic ideas.


Seven participants played games based on tasks regarding contact and compositions, as she conducted the session. It was a delicious two hours at the middle of the festival cum conference hullaboo. Just clean, crunchy thoughts about the body and its creations. What were the recipes behind this deliciousness?

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#snippets from ‘…a thinking and feeling body’

Lawrence Liang: Is the body an archive of the past or of the present?

Preethi Athreya: For me, the two things are the same. You are living and breathing every minute. There’s only the present really speaking. You only have access to your sensual and sensorial present. The present is valid in its own point of time. For the performer, it is the here and now that has resonance.

Sadanand Menon: The whole idea of the body being a repository of memory could be looked at in times when there are certain taboos placed on the body. For instance, in the 1930s when Bharatanatyam was reinvented.