IGNITE! Festival

Initiated in 2010, IGNITE! Festival of Contemporary Dance is conceived as a space for dance that is rooted in experimentation, criticality and provocation. It has successfully completed three editions in Nov 2010, Nov 2012 and Jan 2015.

IGNITE! has been instrumental in creating an open platform where diverse contemporary dance practices are made accessible to a large number of audiences. While stimulating a dialogue around the sustainable development of dance practice in the country, IGNITE! works towards amplifying the reach of explorative dance practices through collaborations at local, regional, national and international levels.

With each edition, the festival builds a discourse around a collection of innovative, high- quality work with a focus on not just performance but research, documentation and a continuous engagement with the creation of new artistic work in India.

In its 4th edition, slated for October 2016, the festival uses the curatorial theme of  FORM | IDENTITY | DISSENT to open up ways of thinking about the body in relation to the politics of identity, gender, sexuality and censorship. With the body forming the core of critical choreographic practice through history, the curation of the festival programme will explore dance and performance as a medium to question, to share, to resist, defend or argue. The festival’s programme aims to pose questions that go beyond performance itself and link the body with politics of place, people and power. This edition is imagined as a space that explores the unrepresented, places the focus on gender equality and inclusion, debates the role of the artist across regional and global lines, delves into the virtual body, and examines sanitisation and control led not just by the state, but by the media or the ‘community’ itself.

For further information, go to www.ignitedancefestival.com.


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