A Delicious Masterclass

Sujata Goel’s masterclass was possibly the only moment in the festival so far that could be labeled as ‘good fun’, at the same time introducing the participants to serious choreographic ideas.


Seven participants played games based on tasks regarding contact and compositions, as she conducted the session. It was a delicious two hours at the middle of the festival cum conference hullaboo. Just clean, crunchy thoughts about the body and its creations. What were the recipes behind this deliciousness?


Game 1 (Touch and Move): Stand as a pair. One is the toucher, the other—mover. The toucher touches the mover on specific body parts and the task of the mover is then to move that body part.


Slowly the quality of the touch and the quality of the corresponding movements are experimented with and exaggerated.


A compositional sub-game is created out of this, where everyone gets a chance to be mover at the same time.


Game 2 (Imaginary Dance): Close your eyes for three minutes and visualize a dance. Open your eyes and immediately write down what you imagined.


Exchange papers. Interpret. And perform.


It is rare for many professional dancers these days to find a window of couple of free hours out of their everyday multi-tasking lives. Sujata gifted the participants with a little freshness, the fragrance of which lasted for the rest of the day as a small personal treasure that only such little creations can evoke.



Photos: Sharan Devkar Shankar


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