While @Gati…

IGNITE! 2016, based on the theme of Form, Identity and Dissent, is running. Anyone who has organized a festival of this dimension can vouch for how physically and mentally taxing this could be for the organizers! This week is a high-strung one at Oddbird Theater for the Gati Dance Forum team.


A battle is on between the vibes of the constant preparation, the fatigue that comes with it, and the cheerfulness which is inherent to the team.

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So some of them decide to take a breath of fresh air on this morning and visit their spiritual and professional home @Gati…

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…to vent it all out thorough spending a bit of time for themselves while also waiting for today’s first program–Vinaykumar‘s master class,…


…at the same time making sure not to look at the festival blueprints stuck on the Gati walls!


The rest of the emotional overdose that the festival is inflicting continuously on its organizers was taken care of at the workshop.


It was a training session that encouraged the participants to learn to control their emotional expressions through playing with their breathing.


But in between digesting the technical knowledge, some real catharsis might have happened too! 🙂


That’s that! And the team was back on its feet at Oddbird with renewed energy to embrace the day!


After all, Form, Identity and Dissent are not all about external revolution, they are also about working together towards resisting the moments one is inclined to give in.

So cheers to the team spirit that’s making it happen.


Photos: Sidharth, Sharan, Madhushree


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